June 25th


Telenor Arena



for Jesus



There are still many ethnic groups in the world that have not heard of Jesus. Many of them do not have Christians nearby who can show them who Jesus is. How can they believe in someone they have never heard of? (Rom 10,14).

God longs for all people and ethnic groups to know Him. Historically, the gospel of Jesus Christ has never reached new areas unless someone traveled there.

This is still the case today. Not everyone who is sent is a preacher. There is a need for all types of people and roles. How can God use your experiences and talents in another culture, among another ethnic group, to tell about Him?

There are many opportunities within missions, and each mission organization is different. You can find more information
on what kind of mission work you can be a part of here:

mission events near me 22/23

There are many missions events happening around in Norway in the upcoming time, check out our event page to see and join what is happening in your area.

We also recommend you to check out the different options in short-term missions that are taking place already this fall
and coming spring.

We also have some great options for mission preparation schools in Norway, to help equip you for the new adventure.

Check them out!

– Discipleship Training School (DTS): More Info
– Jesus Revolution Training School: More Info
– Gå Ut Senteret: More Info
– BIG – Bibelskolen i Grimstad: More Info
– Bibelskolen Fjellhaug: More Info
– Fjellhaug international university college: More Info

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